Digital Artwork
This page will be stuff I've done with various programs.
This 2 of clubs was done for "Shuffle Up & Deal 2" a fund raiser for the
Legion in Lethbridge.
This exercise was done in class. I used a picture, then made a brush out of a
word, then used that brush to paint the picture. In both instances I used crow.
This is a rescued piece from last year before I had my surgery. I now see that the
delay was a blessing in disguise.
This is not a piece of digital artwork but everyone who's seen it loves it. Instead
of just letting it sit on some flash drive I've scanned it & it will live here.
This was done for the Star Wars art show in Lethbridge. I think it was 2012
or somewhere around there.
This is another piece from the same show. Both of them sold.