Sig Gallery
What is a sig? A sig is something you use in forum posts or at the end of an e-mail. These are the ones I made & used when I was part of
IST-JDR & other things many moons ago. Some of them are cool & some are just plain old dumb. I'll also be adding new ones as time goes
by. Oh & there are few avatars in here as well (forum avatars not to be confused with James Cameron "Avatars", but hey maybe he found his
way to the old site & used me as a model of what one should look like).
This sig with the flashing skulls & <AGI> tag was made by Silver <AGI> who lives in Estonia & was part of our
squad during our TFD (Task Force Dagger) days a game Novalogic made losely based on various Special
Forces units in Afghanistan. AGI later turned into IST & JDR or We played Black Hawk Down,
Joint-Ops & Nascar as well. IST-JDR no longer exists.
The Intergalactic
Boutique no
longer exists, but
may soon return. I
just gotta' figure
out how to install a
The gun is an airsoft gun. Not real.
Here's a new sig for one of my e-mail accounts I will be using
This is what one of the rovers found on Mars they just don't want you to know because it could cause a panic.