The Archives, news, text, etc..
Well what can I say? It's been about 5 years since I've been
gone & it's good to be back. This site won't be as crazy as my
last site. What have I learned since the last go round? I am not
too sure, but hopefully you'll want to come back again & again
& see what's going on. For now though this will be pretty bare
bones. In the future expect to see the usual poems, stories,
photos, news, video game fan pages, artists in profile, videos,
etc., etc.. Ciao for now, Jeff.
The further down you go the newer it gets
The more I work on this, the more it gets all sprawled out it
gets. I am also incorporating some of the stuff I had on my
previous site such as the sig gallery, photos of me by others,
etc.. It's a mishmash of old & new I guess. With more of a focus
some of the links are a little wonky right now & I am in the
process of trying to straighten them out.
Who am I & what do I do? Well for starters first & foremost I am a poet
then after that it goes in many different directions kinda' like an iceberg. I
am a musician, singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, playwright,
choreographer, photographer, videographer, editor, director, producer,
remote viewer, website designer (drag & drop "Yahoo Sitebuilder" I have
no html skills yet) & a few other things. I must admit some of my skills
have been dulled due to not using them for a long time, but they are still
there & continue to improve, even though I am not practicing them.
Everything interrelates in some way or the other to everything else.
Anyhow that's it for now. Hopefully you'll find something you enjoy & if not
oh well. Ciao for now Jeff.
takes. Upload this, download that, insert this, delete that, take a look at
it, make some tweaks, & all sorts of other fun stuff. Anyhow it's good to
get the creative juices flowing. Along with this. I have started a new
piece of electronic music, which inturn inspired me to pick up the guitar. I
don't really know where I'm heading music wise but it should be
interesting. I have quite a backlog of stuff, but that can wait. What else?
Oh, yeah the first Artist In Profile will be Richard William Stevenson a
poet. Look for that coming some time in the future. I have my eyes on a
couple of artists whose works I really enjoy. Um what else...I haven't
really checked out the dance scene here, but there's gotta' be some
good choreographers in this neck of the woods. I have been living kinda'
like a hermit these past years & only recently have been venturing out.
Lethbridge has a lot to offer.
Oops some of the text got lost
somewhere during the cut & paste.
Well Happy New Year it's been awhile since I last updated this. What is
new? I got a haircut. I've found an old CD of pictures I had taken of a
group of dancers who were performing in Calgary about 5 or 6 years
ago. I will upload them to the photos page. I finished Pre-Employment
Welding at the Lethbridge College. Theoretically I have the skills &
knowledge of a 1st period welder apprentice. Truth be told I really suck at
stick welding & cutting with an oxy-acetylene torch, but I get the job done
although be it rather ugly. What else. I still am the co-ordinator of Most
Vocal poets society. We soon will be holding elections, maybe someone
will step up to the plate & take my place & take us in a different direction.
I have my eyes on a local artist who recently made an video installation at
the Bowman Arts Centre. I hope to interview him/them & have them
included in the Artists in Profile section. Maybe if I am really lucky they will
let me upload their piece here so folks all over the world can see that
Lethbridge is not just some small city with no culture. It is abundant as
everywhere else.

Oh I almost forgot, someone somewhere said some scientists want to
send people to Mars on a 1 way flight to colonize it. I would love to do that
if they ever need volunteers I'd throw my hat in. Um & one more thing
sometime this week I will be reading at the U of L & will be one of the
poets on an upcoming show for CKXU's "Not Your Mother's Poetry"
which Blaine Greenwood holds weekly. Tune in & listen to history being
H-m-m-m what have I been up too lately. Not a lot really. I am trying
to get
5.11 to give me free pants & I would model them somewhere
on this site.
(I should show a picture of me wearing them) I
absolutely love their products. They are tough, stylish, well priced,
& most of all last a long, long time
(I have worn them in the
Lethbridge coulees, the streets of London, England, the jungles &
beaches of Costa Rica, onstage at poetry readings, & through the
sometimes brutal Canadian winters
). I have a pair of black ripstop
TDU's that have survided 3 years.  If you know me that's a miracle.
My pitch to them was
"Art can sometimes be like war".

I am also thinking of trying to get
Godin Guitars to give me a free
guitar or atleast a nice discount since my last name is Godin, & I
play guitar. Click on this link to see me playing

What else I have added a video games fan page. Look over on the
right & you will see it. So far I only have Star Craft 2 up. Expect
more to come in the future.

Speaking of stars,etc.. If NASA ever needs volunteers for a 1 way
mission to Mars tell them about me. I'd love to go.
Wearing a hat or other headgear can really mess up your
hair. A perfect example is here. My cowlick does actually
look like a cow licked my head. Since I am not going to
stop wearing hats any time in the near future I can look
forward to some real bad hair days. Another thing is it
looks like my hairline might be receding. I thought being
half Cree & half Irish would grant my hair immortality but it
hasn't. Also lately some people have accused me of using
Men In or some other hair product to hide my grey hairs
which I only have a few of. The only thing doctored in this
photo is a zit or 2. Yes even at 39 I still get them as I'm sure
most people do. Anyhow nothing really exciting is going
on. I am in the process of transferring  all of my cassette
demos from the 90's into mp3s which I hope to sell on this
site. Just listening to them after all this time gets my mind
racing. I covered a lot of ground musically.
I am in the process of writing my auto-biography. I am looking for
readers who will read it as it begins to take shape. If you would
like to be considered for taking part e-mail me at & explain who you are, & why you
want to read it. Friends first, friends of friends later, complete
strangers maybe.

Also my tower is dying & I will soon need to buy a new one.
Donations will greatly be appreciated. To donate click on the
"Make a Donation" button on the right hand side of this page. I
need new clothes as well. A holiday somewhere where it is warm
would even be more awesome I am beginning to feel my mild
arthritis creeping in again.

Hopefully as I am writing the creative juices will flow & some new
poetry & music will also come to fruition. Anyhow that's it for now

The auto-biography will obviously have when I was borne, what
happened in early life, my tour of foster homes & group homes.
My crazy alcoholic days, which gave birth to poetry & music.
Then sobering up & pursuing the arts where I explored music,
poetry, dance, theatre, tv, films. etc., etc.. Then the dark days after
I left Calgary to go to the US to join the Army & ended up working
for the American Red Cross during the Hurricane Katrina & Rita
disaster & how it all went downhill & I ended up homeless,
suicidal & in the psych ward. After the treatment centre moving to
Lethbridge, living at Sasha House, becoming the coordinator of
Most Vocal Poets, getting my website back & getting back up on
the horse as being an artist. In between all of that is of course a
whole lot of other stuff. Some fun stuff, some tragic stuff, some
bizarre stuff & even some classified & not so classified stuff
(which I'll just probably leave out). Oh yeah & my time as a gamer
on a squad & how the crazy neighbor above thought he was
"programming" me. Then my times in Calgary with floor walkers,
security, & police. Finally ending up with what's going on now &
what might be going on in the future, as well as my current stalker
& other odd stuff. It will be a mish mash of things. Definitely not in
chronological order it's far too late for that. I might even head out
on the road again to go to some of the places just to get the right
feel for it down. An example might be the deadly cold haunting
beauty of the snowmobile paths along the river in Thompson,
Manitoba during February. Anyhow I've babbled on long enough.
Wish me luck. This is my Mt. Everest.
I am in the process of updating the site. I've got a different pc
so it will take some time to figure it out. Also by importing my
site onto my computer & not downloading the templates first I
have lost the navigation bars on some of the pages.
It's been ages since I've done anything new here but I
will try to update it more often. I have some posters to
put up as well as some digital artwork. New photos will
be awhile since all I have is a piece of crap camera.
Also there really isn't too much around here to take
some pictures of. As for my autobiography I have put
that on the shelf, I just can't find the inspiration to sit
down & start banging it out. Anyhow now that I am here
the site feels really old & I probably will be spending
more time on it. Compared to my old site this one sucks.
Well maybe not but it sure as hell isn't good as it could
Well what can I say? It's fall my favourite season. There's some snow on the ground but it
will melt by the weekend. I had my wisdom teeth pulled last week there's still some pain
but it's not too bad. I can't open my mouth wide enough to  eat a banana loaf at Starbucks
so I have to break it into tiny pieces.

There are more & more folks who are saying I should write my autobiography. When my
teeth are healed I think I'll attempt it. I now have Dragon Naturally Speaking (speech
recognition software) so that will make it a bit easier. What else? My health isn't what it
used to be. 20 years from now I'll probably be pretty gimped up unless I start working out
harder & longer now, or they come up with some kinda' bio-med technology like in Dues Ex
Human Revolution.

Speaking of games I miss the old squad (IST-JDR) & gaming. We sure had some good
times. Hopefully if &  when Novalogic comes out with a new game I'll get it & go looking for
another squad or maybe start my own. I've had some fun with ideas for names. I will be
sure to check various acronyms as well. Before the IST-JDR name change we were called
AGI. I looked AGI up on the Urban Dictionary (after we disbanded) & it stands for Anal
Gerbal Insertion. Omg, lol. Anyhow I've babbled on enough.

Maybe with this down time I'll work on the site some more. I have some posters, pics &
various other things to put up here somewhere.  Maybe I'll even redesign the whole place.
It's kinda' wierd when I went without my site for awhile I found it unbearable but now that's
it's been back for quite awhile now there isn't  that urgency anymore.
Hi, not a lot has been going on since my last entry. I have started up my own business. I
am an independent NuCerity distributor. Look for links to my NuCerity site some time in
the future. As for now I am just trying to learn all I can & try to make a go of it.

In other news I have been picking up the guitar & have been farting around with it more
than I have been in these last 6 or 7 years. I have forgotten all the songs I wrote except for
"Space Cowboy". Maybe this time around I will learn how to play better than I did last time.
That meaning I will sound more like a normal guitar player although I doubt that since I
am not normal. I am Abby Normal,jk.

On the gaming end of things I have been playing Star Wars, The Old Republic. I have a
trooper & a bounty hunter. I am a good trooper & a nice bounty hunter. My bounty hunter
needs to be more ruthless so he can  earn  more credits or he will become broke &
destitute on Tatooine with no fuel for his ship. Also Mako will starve to death & the droid
will rust., lol.

One thing I kinda' regret in gaming is not taking place in the Crysis alpha test. I was
invited to but at  the time I was tied up with other stuff & I've missed out on a couple of
betas as well for other games. Anyhow I have babbled on long enough.
Hello I've been busy doing a lot of things & nothing at the same time. Soon I'll be going to
school to take Computer Graphics Design here in Lethbridge at Reeves College. This
will be my second foray into a college program the last one was Pre-employment
Welding at the Lethbridge College. I did good on the math & theory, but when it came to
the actual hands on thing I sucked & had shaky hands due to drinking too many energy
drinks. My instructor also wasn't much help he seemed to have have 2 students he really
liked & helped the rest of us when he could. Anyhow maybe it was for the best. I definitely
don't miss getting burned by fly slag.

Most Vocal the poetry group I currently am president of is folding after many years.
Seeings as how I am sort of the Captain I will go down with that ship. I got a website for it
& will aim at getting poetry videos from various Canadian poets & put them there sort of
like an archive for all to see. It's currently under contruction but you can view it here
. One day Most Vocal will rise & if it does she'll have a home
ready & waiting for her.

As you can see there is a picture of me playing guitar. I haven't done a lot of that since
winding up here. I've forgotten all of my songs except for "Space Cowboy". With a little bit
of time I may settle back into playing guitar & making music.

Last but not least I have joined NuCERITY international as an independent distributor.
I'm not doing to great in that but I haven't been putting that much work into it either.

One more thing as for going to school for Computer Graphics Design at Reeves College
I have had to take out a student loan for over $18,000.00 so if you really want to help me
out please click on the "Make A Donation" button on the left hand side of this page. If you
do donate please e-mail me the amount you have donated at & I will make sure you find your way onto the" Hall of Fame"
page which I'll soon be setting up.

Also expect a lot of new changes as I start to learn new things at school. I am very excited
to see what I'll be capable of when it is a said & done.
Well things are going okay at school. I'm currently taking Computer Graphic Design at
Reeves College here in Lethbridge.The Microsoft Office stuff was really hard for me. I
failed Word & have to retake the test sometime. Currently we are getting started in Adobe
Illustrator. It looks like it will be a lot of fun once I learn the basics & start making stuff.

As for other things not a lot is going on. This site requires a lot of work. I started off with
the intention off making it better than my old one but ran out of steam. As I learn more stuff
I will be modifying it as I go along.

I`m really tired of working at PetroCanada but will hang on to it as long as I need it. Once
I`m done school hopefully I can get a job as a graphic designer somewhere. It`d be really
nice if I could somehow find a job at the City of Calgary & work there since I have already
put in 13 seasons in Parks. With that it would make getting a pension that much more
easy but I think I will be doomed to work until the day I croak with the way things are going.
Anyhow why talk about the future when there is so much going on now. School, work,& life
in general is what I should be focused on.

I wonder what this winter will be like the last one was weird. I think a lot of it had to do with
the nuclear power plant in Japan. Then there`s the conspiracy folks who keep telling me
instead of world wars we`re having weather wars.
Well it's been a long time since I've been here & done anything. The reason
for that is last year in October I had problems with my bowels & they had to
operate on them. It took 2 surgeries, 2 months, 3 weeks, & some odd days
for me to heal. Even still after all this time I am not out of the water. I have a
hernia. That meaning some of my muscles in my stomach are not attached
to anything. Then to top it all off They stole my belly button & left me with a
scar that looks like I`ve been bitten by some large animal.

Anyhow I`ve started on my auto biography & have so far written about my
early childhood & some of the foster homes I lived in at the time. From here
on in is where it starts to become both tragic & magic.

What else I`ve been farting around with my guitars lately & am hoping to
continue with that. I find it very therapeutic. Sometimes when I`m playing the
resonance makes me dizzy.

This site is still in a half done state. I could & should do a lot more to it.
Other than that I guess that`s it. Ciao for now, Jeff.

Oh almost forgot. Reeves is letting me start off where I ended last year so
all is not lost of the Computer Graphics Design front for me. If you want to
help me out financially click on the donate button because after this course
is done I`ll be around $18,000 in the hole. Oh & as projects & stuff for my
portfolio get done I`ll pace them on the Portfolio page which I have yet to