Alone In London (Cafe Rouge Part2)

I landed here on Thursday
Or was it Wednesday
I don't know due to the time change
What a city
7x the population of Calgary
It's cleaner than I thought
The air
Thousands of years of history lay here
Civilizations built & then forgotten
Then built upon again
One atop of another
How many wandering souls have come & gone?
Earlier on today I wandered into some church
Sat in silence for a few minutes
I did not pray or meditate
I just got lost in the moment
So much movement
The shores of the River Thames were
 packed with people
It was like a sea of lemmings
Except that nobody jumped off a cliff
I know nothing of the Knights Templar
Except that they were here
My father spoke of some of our descendants
Ladies, Knights, etc.,
Hundreds of years later here I am
Walking in places they may have walked
Seeing things they may have seen
Doing things they may have done
In Canada
It's mainly about the natives
Which tribe did this
Which tribe did that
But now I stop & think
We are all the same tribe
We've just forgotten our history
History that lies in Israel
Israel where I was supposed to go
But I ended up here
Why I ask?
Who knows but here is where I am
Now I ask where are you?
Various others I have met
I could sure use a familiar face right now
I could call my brother Steve
Tell him I am over 4,000 miles away & for the
 first time in a long time
Sorta' lonely
But it's times like this
Where the artist gets their soul
One thing leads to another
Then there's an eruption
Hot magma that eventually will be cooled
& when that happens
You can sit there & see the results
(Now I am done & so is my coffee & cheesecake
 gotta' roll now, but if you're ever here stop in)
This poem was taken from my blog "Disconjointed Thoughts"