Fate Is Inexorable

There comes a time
When you must let go
There comes a time
You must vanish into the mist
Further down the road

Dreams keep changing
Same as friends

I play my guitar
I go to dance classes
I write these words

Slowly, but surely
The dots are connecting

Where I must go
& what I must do
I won't know
Until I reach that point

People see the promise
& wonder to themselves
Whether or not I'll rise to it
I feel this weight
& wish they'd look away
For it makes success or failure
That much more daunting
I try to convince myself
I'm ordinary
& want to live an ordinary life
But fate is inexorable.
This poem was from the "Fate Is Inexorable" notebook which was written in June of 1999. If you were a resident of Calgary at that time & seen me
scribbling stuff into a notebook this was 1 of thousands. I was quite prolific in my 20's  & early 30's. This might be in an upcoming chapbook.