Fragments, maps, craziness, & more

Summer has gone
Obvious isn't it?
It's January
What the hell am I doing?
Fragments of memories
Maps of where you used to live
A whole lot of craziness
& so much more
I had hoped you would follow my breadcrumb trail
But obviously you haven't
I guess I should've followed your advice
Now I am locked in an icy tomb
Thank god for satellites & internet
Oh & I forgot U2
Over & over again I play it
"A man & a woman"
"City of Blinding Lights" was another favourite
Taking the train from Toronto to Niagra is where the    
  trip started to go off track
I look back in my mind now
I have to ask "We're you at the Falls?"
Or did our story begin in Michigan
It carried over into Virginia
Then back to Michigan
But did it go beyond there?
I know crossing the border was just too easy
Then again compared to previous times
I looked more presentable
Anyhow that don't matter
I looked up several places you used to live
Staring at the them then cross referencing them to         
   where I stayed seems just a tad creepy
Of course more than likely it was coincidence
Now I know why you freaked out when I mentioned       
  Thunder Bay
I tracked our travels across the map
Damn that was fun
It's too bad it had to end
I have gone back once or twice
Then followed my trail
Through another's eyes
I am curious
Were those you eyes?
Yes, I found someone's perception in the stream of time
Careful now
If I have learned this trick
Others have as well
Maybe they were waiting to see if you'd rescue me
How far down the road were you?
Or were you following those eyes?
It gets so strange
There are too many layers to filter through
I can't focus
Maybe I am too close to the north pole
There's so much to this universe
We still don't know
Maybe you were just some cute alien
Me being the way I am
Somehow attracted you
& even though you knew you're way around
Needed another tour guide
Finding you way through the physical world is easy
This poem was rescued from my old website of the same name. I often wondered if this person was from the CIA or some kinda' Special Forces
unit, because she was far from ordinary & it was just too weird how we met. Maybe she was an alien, lol.