Can You Make It Past The Gatekeeper?

You showed me the way to the astral plane
A different route
Than I normally took
There on the infinite white cloud we all stood
Each going our own way
To our own temples
I wandered to a square pool & dove in
At the bottom there was a tunnel
I swam about 500 feet then emerged in a different place
It was tropical
Then I peered at the 10 foot high white marble wall
I looked for the entrance
There at the gate was a ninja clad in black
He or she was flipping around to & fro
& displaying their swordsmanship
I walked up to the gate
It open for me
I then walked down the path littered with leaves
& seen it
My temple floating in the air on an island
Roots were dangling down
I then took flight & ascended the stairs
There were crows flying around
& once I reached the top
I walked to the steel & glass desk & sat down
My Mac Book Pro then materialized
I fired it up & the roof disappeared
The sun was setting
I thought of you & wondered
Can you make it past the Gatekeeper?
Jeff W Godin
Wednesday, April 28, 2010