One Night

She takes me home
She mentions her trust in me
& leaves me there alone
Free to do whatever I like
While she goes to pick up the rest
 of her art she left at the studio
Her apartment on 8th ave has high ceilings
14 feet maybe more
I can't help but wonder
Why it feels so familiar
& why I'm neither attracted
 or repulsed from her
She's a wild thing
But I can handle her
I've met many far more crazy
Some things I can understand
Others I just simply accept
I'm not a saint myself
& everyone knows that
She returns with some dude
I give her the what's going on
 type look to her
She says she recruited him to
 help carry her stuff
Then she asks me to return with her
 to get the final piece
We walk & finally hit the
 C-train tracks
Dude almost gets taken out by a bus
& then J-walks in front of the transit cops
We both stop cuz we know
 white people can do that
But if you got brown or black
 skin you'll get busted
I mention that & she agrees
 & it starts talk of this town
& how backward & conservative it is
We climb the steps & a girl I know
 calls out my name
Sorry sister, can't hang with
 you tonight
& besides why would I you're 2 faced
After grabbing the final piece we
 head back
On the way we see cops shaking down
 two guys on 8th
I try to make sure they see
 the art I'm carrying
Cuz they'll either think I'm a
 pimp, john, or up to something
Holy politics eh!
She slides the card key in the
 electric lock & opens the door
We climb the stairs to her apartment
All the way up I'm starring at
 her backside, legs, & shoes
She's damn hot
But she's a good friend
So I brush aside those thoughts
But I can't help ask myself why
 does she want to take me home
We stand at the door & she unlocks it
We go inside again
There's not much room
Our bodies brush against each other
& then separate as we go further
 into her domain
I'm a guest I keep reminding myself
I take up the seat that I'd
 earlier watched T.V. on
Stare at the picture I bought
 from an artist with C.F. or C.P.
It's of a VIA rail train
& I like it because of the colours
 & overall childlike charecteristics
& besides I've ridden a train or two
 in my life & I love them
She shuffles about doing this,
 that, & the other
I glance at the T.V. the Olympics
 are on & we're watching the marathon
I say that I ran a half one once
& she says she likes the athletes
 because they look real
Kinda' thin, but no make up
 no pretentiousness
They're doing their thing
That's why she likes me
That's why I like her
We hang out, talk, size each
 other up & test each other
It's almost like a game I think
But I remember she's a friend
So I pull no tricks or whatever
& try to remain humble & honest
She offers me some bread with
 fruit & nuts in it
I like it, but I feel somewhat guilty
 for she says it's all she has
Where as I could go outside, hop
 in a cab, go to a restaurant
 & gorge myself
I'm lucky I think
Cuz I remember when I lived at
 home with my mom & brothers
& we were lucky to have anything at all
I stole a lot back then
She mentions going out to grab
 coffee, but she's broke
I say no problem I've got money
We decide the James Joyce because
 it's right outside on the mall
We get there & they're closing
She mentions Earl's, I say yeah
But they'll be closing too, no doubt
& then I remember her feet
She says she's had a lot of problems
 with them & so walking is
 out of the question
We return to her place again
I sit down
She's frustrated
I'm at a loss as what to think
The night has gone awry
She mentions I could stay
But she has no couch
Only her bed
& then says nah, you better go
I grab my guitar, amp, & picture
 & begin the walk home
I think this is comical & tragic
& wonder if I'd said how much
 I'd like to have spent the night
 would it have made a difference?
But when she said at the beggining
 she was seeing someone
It killed off all those ideas
This was from the "So I'm A Legend, Big Deal" notebook which began on August 12th, 2000. The woman featured in this poem was Asza, a poetess, artist,
university radio DJ, etc., etc.. Four years down the road we became room mates. Then she went on vacation & never came back. That's another story.