Purple Rain

I sit here at the hotel desk
inside my hotel room
Wondering "What have I done?"
What should have been something
unique & magical
Now is a tattered & splattered memory
Fresh in the mind, heart, & soul
But thousands of years old in feeling
I guess I have outdone myself this time
"How could I be so callous & crass?"
Those 2 days of sheer unabashed joy
Took one hundred years of grief away
I was flying like some crazy seagull
Along the dunned & forested shores of
Lake Michigan on a warm September breeze
Here in D.C. I feel like an old, somewhat
crippled pigeon seeking food
Oh how I wish you were here or that I
could see you one more time my friend
So you could nourish my soul with
your subtle, mysterious ways, & charm

I have searched all across Canada
& the US for someone such as you
& once I found you all my insecurities
crept up & made a mess of everything
I am out here on the road all alone
& now a lot lonelier due to
what I have done
I just hope & pray some day you'll
forgive me & my insanity
& if we ever go bike riding again
I'll be sure to buy you a new bike seat
& perhaps we'll be smart enough
to pay attention to the weather forecast
It's not like the thunder, lightning,
wind, & rain affected me
But here I sit writing this listening
to Prince's "Purple Rain"
Ack this is yet another song in the
soundtrack of my life
That for now has unfortunately
come true
Another poem that was inspired by the 2005 road trip that went astray, but was all in all pretty fun looking back on it & worth everything it ended up costing me. From a very
nice paying safe city job to a wandering vagabond, then ultimately a hospitalized schizophrenic, & finally recovery & living a fairly normal life in small town Alberta.