To Know Me Is To Know Insanity

It's weird
I'm weird
& to know me
Is to know insanity
Sure you may have a big heart
& think you've seen & done it all
But I can guarantee you this
I will turn your world upside down
& leave you wondering what the hell just happened

How did I get this way
One could say it was due to my childhood
One could say it was due to my peers
One could say it was due to how I live
But I think it comes down to this
Art is messy
& I am an artist
& a poet
& a dancer
& a musician
& a bunch of other things
I could list them all
But I'm to lazy to type them out
Plus I love tragedy for some odd reason
It wasn't really real unless I felt it

I like to milk things
Then transform them into something else
Sorta' like a phrase
Then it becomes a song
& I play it over & over again
Yes I guess you could call it the blues
I like pushing & pulling the notes
The resonace is something I love
It's a creature unto itself
Captured more easily with a dobro
But can be found in the harmonics of a harmonica
Sometimes you'll find when you get to a point
The vibrato, effects, & other stuff is so crazy you get dizzy & almost fall over
Anyhow be careful when you open your door
This crazy bard just might break your heart
Again & again & again & again
All I can say is sorry
& offer to by you some flowers
Or include you in some poem
or other piece of art
Yes within me you can find immortality
Okay maybe I'm getting a little crazy
But I am a schizophrenic
Don't blame me
Blame the faulty circuitry in my head.

Written by Jeff W Godin
May 18th, 2010